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This is the largest of the ear specula that we produce, for smaller sizes down to 3mm, review the rest of our otology range. Every specula is made from quality, soft and flexible material to ensure a comfortable fit. The end is oval shaped for a better fit into the ear canal and the end that is handled by the practitioner has serrated edges for a better finger tip grip.

Designed for clear viewing and minimal glare, with a matt finish and internal ridges reduce glare and light reflection from internal surface of the specula.

Included as part of our myringotomy set, the product if ordered separately is made to order.

This product is also available in larger packs of non-sterile specula that are suited for use in outpatients or a clinical setting. For more information or to request samples about non-sterile 6mm ear specula, please contact customer services or your account manager and ask about information for product S316.

Qty Per Box – 25
Length (mm) – 6mm

Company Name: Single Use Surgical

Model: S306

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