Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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A new Medical Device 4.0 for the safe management of biological liquids has been designed as a result of our decades of experience

In operating theatres, intensive care units and hospital wards, the management of biological liquid waste has always been critical in terms of occupational safety and efficiency. Alternative solutions require repeated physical efforts and place personnel in danger of contamination, in addition to slowing down and/or disrupting medical activity. This is why In.Cas, which has been devoted to medical safety and prevention for more than 25 years, has developed a line of closed-circuit aspirators for large volumes of biological liquids.

Total safety everyday

S.P.R.I.Z. has been designed and manufactured to enable healthcare workers to handle organic liquids in total safety, in compliance with legal regulations.

The full traceability of all basic aspirator functions guarantees a new standard of safety.

BIOLOGICAL CONTAMINATION HAZARD: it eliminates the risk of biological contamination from contact with potentially contaminated biological liquids.
LIFTING AND MOVING: avoids continuous lifting and moving of liquid collection bags by operators.
DISINFECTION OF ASPIRATED LIQUID: the aspiration method of infected biological liquids activates a real-time disinfection system, with a precision peristaltic pump for the correct dosage of disinfectant.
EQUIPMENT AUTO-DISINFECTION: high level of auto-disinfection of the aspirator to guarantee maximum safety.

Operating Theatre: with the large 65-litre tank, during surgical procedures, healthcare personnel no longer need to replace the disposable containers normally used for liquid collection.

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