Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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on casters

60 l/min (15.85 us gal/min)

Max.: 65 l/min (17.17 us gal/min)

Min.: 60 l/min (15.85 us gal/min)

Suction jar capacity

3 l (0.8 gal)

Max.: 5 l (1.3 gal)

Min.: 2 l (0.5 gal)

Number of decibels

45 dB

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UZUMCU Novela series surgical aspirator devices are life support devices that rapidly remove the blood accumulated in the surgical procedure area and the secretions accumulated in the respiratory tract in the operating rooms by creating a vacuum at a certain flow rate, increasing the visibility of the surgical environment and ensuring the continuity of respiratory function.

The body of the device is made of light ABS material, and it has a safe design that can be easily guided, cleaned easily and does not contain sharp surfaces.

Thanks to the adjustment button on the device control panel, the vacuum can be adjusted easily and can be monitored simultaneously with the help of a manometer.

Also, thanks to the jar selection button on the body, right and left jars can be preferred without interrupting the vacuum process.

Novela is suitable for all kinds of operations with a vacuum power of 60 liters / min in the range of 680 mmHg.

Thanks to its silent, oil-free and maintenance-free pump, it can be used safely for a long time in the busy environment of operating rooms. The device has two different jar options, 3 or 5 liters.

Choosing a small capacity for the jar is advantageous in terms of making decontamination more frequently and regularly.

Max. Vacuum strength
680 mmHg (~90 kPa 0.90 bar)

Number and capacity of jars
2 x 3 lt

Jar type
Transparent polycarbonate

Flow rate
60 lt/min

Wheel specifications
4 wheels with a diameter of 70 mm 2 of them with brakes

Accessory section

Engine protection is provided with the float and hydrophobic filter system integrated into the device

Vacuum motor type
Oil-free maintenance-free

Vacuum setting

Company Name: Uezuemcue Medical Devices

Model: Novela

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