Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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Benefits of Medela’s Vacuum Assisted Delivery (VAD) System
Various techniques can be used to assist women giving birth. Medela offers a complete system that includes a suction pump with all the necessary components and a large choice of suction cup.
Safe and individualized assistance
Medela’s Suction Pumps, Dominant Flex and Basic, offer fast and efficient vacuum build up, easy maintenance and precise vacuum settings.

The consistent active vacuum helps to keep the suction cup in place to reduce the risk of cup pop-offs. Medela offers an extensive range of disposable and reusable suction cups.

Medela suction pumps have been thoroughly tested for safe and efficient use with all these types of suction cups3.s.
The membrane vacuum regulator of the Medela Suction Pump can be set to the precise level required and ensures that the vacuum is built up in seconds.

Medela Basic piston technology
With its silent piston/cylinder technology the vacuum that has been set is maintained during the procedure.

Medela Basic and Dominant Flex accessories foot vacuum controller
The optional foot vacuum regulator is ideal to gently increase the vacuum to the level set on the Medela Suction Pump without needing to turn the vacuum regulator knob. Simply press down with the heel to release the vacuum immediately when the baby is born.

Company Name: Medela Ag

Model: Vacuum Assisted Delivery System

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