Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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Designed for use in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s practices, the Dominant Flex and Basic are the optimal medical suction pumps for all suctioning needs.

Smooth, single-piece hood
Designed to facilitate cleaning, the materials can withstand potent disinfection agents.

Powerful and reliable suction
Medela suction pumps can be used for various applications in hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, clinics and doctors’ practices: general surgery, liposuction, endoscopy, wound drainage and any other application where a reliable and precise suction source is needed.

The Dominant Flex provides superfast ramp-up of the vacuum at a flow rate of 60l/min for increased performance and faster suctioning. For sensitive operations where minimal noise is key, the noise level can be reduced simply by touching the 40l/min button.

Medela Dominant Flex one touch button
Flow rates can be selected intuitively at the touch of a button.

A simple touch delivers increased performance or reduces the noise level.

The smooth, single-piece hood design facilitates cleaning, and the materials can withstand potent disinfection agents.

The CleanTouch on/off button on the housing lets the person operating the pump switch it on and off with a simple touch: there are no gaps or grooves, which means there is less risk of contamination.

The pump can be conveniently placed in endoscopy towers, at the patient’s bedside or in the operating theater as a rack, portable suction unit or mobile version.

The Reusable or Disposable Collection System from Medela’s wide range of accessories completes the unit.

Company Name: Medela Ag

Model: Dominant Flex

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