Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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For bedside application
1 Liter collecting bottle

Suitable for use with canister systems

0-600/620 mmHg vacuum range (at see level)

Output: 20 L/min.

Air fiiter

Fluid aspiration into the pump:

Floating valve,

Hydrophobic filter:

Tight seal lid with clear view of the filter, enabling prompt filter change

Filter allows free air-flow, but prevents fluid overflow, protecting the pump

A seperate suction line holder on the side

Polycarbonate canister compatible with steam sterilization

Operation status indication lamp

Silent, dry vacuum pump

Design features to prevent airborn contamination in operating rooms and clean rooms. No requirement for periodic lubrication and maintenence

Motor speed: 1400 rpm

Company Name: B Cakc Lar

Model: M8F 200 O O

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