Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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for minor surgery

12 l/min (3.17 us gal/min)

Suction jar capacity

1 l, 2 l (0.3 gal)

Number of decibels

50 dB

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LifeTime Portable Type is a suction unit used for body fluids, oral, nasal and tracheal aspirations in adults and children. It is suitable for minor surgical applications and post-operative home care treatment in patients with tracheostomy. It is equipped with aspiration regulator and vacuum indicator located on the front panel.

Compact Design
Thanks to its ergonomic design, it provides ease of use and storage.

Adjusting Knob
You can reach the desired pressure in the shortest time with the sensitive adjusting knob.

Autoclavable Jar
Thanks to its autoclavable polycarbonate jars at 121 degrees, it provides hygienic use for many times.

Oil Free Piston Pump
Its special motor does not require maintenance and allows use for many years.

Company Name: Elmaslar

Model: Lifetime SA01PT

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