Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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for dental surgery
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– Aspiration for medical, dental and laboratory use, with totally oil free and low noise level mechanism.
– Adjustment for the vacuum.
– Support with up to two collector bottles.
– Graduated vacuometer up to 30 in Hg.
– Functioning through diaphragm or piston system.
– Handle for transport.
– Removable bottle cap, with anti-overflow safety valve.
– High durability motor ideal for use in hospitals, clinics and medical offices.
– Transparent and autoclavable glass or polycarbonate (unbreakable) collector bottles.
– Pedal for continuous / intermittent activation.
– Electronic system with alarm and automatic disconnection for full bottle.
– Bacteriological microfilter.
OBS: Some of the above mentioned items are optional.

Company Name: Olidef

Model: A45

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