Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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for minor surgery
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The series VORTECO AS-100 allow to meet every kind of need in the field of small and medium surgery (i.e. the small operating theatres and the Vacuum-extraction procedures).

The series of suction units VORTEX-S AS-200 and VORTECO AS-100 consist of various models, which can satisfy every possible need in the field of small and medium surgery, including small operating rooms and Vacuum-extraction procedures.

The VACUMSOL series is composed by three small portable suction units for minor surgery that differ each other in their working and suction power. They are suitable for all possible applications: at home after tracheotomy, for neonatal aspiration, in hospital ward.

Company Name: Alsa Apparecchi Medicali

Model: VORTECO AS-100

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