Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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for thoracic surgery
on casters

35 l/min, 40 l/min, 45 l/min (9.25 us gal/min)

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Electric suction device Victoria Thorax is model specially designed for common use as well as for thoraxic and abdominal surgery drainage and intensive care. Set includes a Limiting water valve. This water manometer is used for accurate adjustment of vacuum values in the suction in interventions of gastric and chest drainage. The system can be used for longterm up to 30 days continuous drainage. Thanks to a unique patented solution Victoria Thorax enables full suction output even during drainage.

designed for continuous operation (EN 60601-1 ed. 2, EN ISO 10079-1 ed. 2)
6 year warranty on the vacuum pump
exceptionally silent operation
low maintenance requirements
german oilless vacuum pump
vacuum pump cooled by fan
reliable and vibration-free run
sturdy, fire retardant casing with UV protection
colour coded gauge for safe vacuum management
overflow protection
illuminated on/off switch
antistatic casters – optional

Company Name: Cheiron

Model: Victoria

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