Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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Ohio Medical offers a wide range of Portable Suction products to meet your specific needs. With units like Care-e-vac®, Tote-L-Vac®, and Moblvac®, we’ve got something that will work perfectly for you and your portable suction requirements.

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Instavac® I is a multipurpose portable suction unit. It produces both constant and intermittent suction with vacuum and flow levels equaling that of wall suction. Instavac I is packaged in a compact, durable, molded Polystyrene case. The heart of the Instavac I is a fan cooled carbon rotary vane pump. Instavac I is insulated to provide one of the quietest sounding suction pumps on the market today.

Company Name: Ohio Medical

Model: Instavac® I

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