Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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for gynecologic surgery
on casters
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Newly-designed and improved VD suction unit.
The amount of bacteria being emitted to the atmosphere can be drastically reduced with trap bottle and aspiration filter.
Operability is greatly improved including a larger vat and plastic bottles.

・In Parts Box:
Delivery cup(L, M&S)
Surgical suction cannula
Rubber tube for delivery, 8mmφ, with joint
Rubber tube for amniotic fluid, 6mmφ, with joint
Silicon tube for surgical cannula, 8mmφ, with joint
Drawing chain for delivery cup
・1000mL storage bottle
・2000mL storage bottle
・Foot switch
・ Aspiration filter(2 per set)
・Power cord
・Anti-dust cover

Company Name: Toitu

Model: VD-1000

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