Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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for liposuction
on casters
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The LS2 is a followup to the LS1000. This liposuction aspirator is made with a sturdy design and uses an oil-less vacuum control system without much maintenance required. This is easy to use and can work for years at a time. This is made with a tall case while space is on top for equipment like the PAL System control but it may work with an infiltration pump. This has a rear-mounted extension pole that made with additional tumescent solution bags that will work within the system. This is made with casters that can be locked up plus a digital display that is easy to spot even in a dark operating room. This works with a foot pedal and may be used with a 2000cc glass collection bottle. Bottles for this set can be used as many times as needed. Single-use canisters may also be used as well as disposable-liner devices.

Company Name: Md Resource

Model: LS2

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