Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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for minor surgery
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The SVED suction unit is an AC-powered setup that can run for 18 hours with a negative pressure rating. This will work for patients that could benefit from help with getting wounds closed up. This unit is run to maintain wound sites and to treat wounds with care on all parts of the body. This is ideal for traumatic and chronic wounds as well as dehisced wounds. This is used on ulcers but grafts may also be treated with this unit. The setup is also designed to help with vacuum assisted wound sealants and will irrigate sites by using topical treatment solutions on the space. This is best used with the materials that were recommended for use on specific parts of the body. The one touch operation setup also allows for many timing modes including a few that can handle five minute uses or runs in two minute cycles.

Company Name: Innovative Therapies

Model: SVED®

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