Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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for drainage, for minor surgery
on casters

50 l/min (13.21 us gal/min)


250 W (0.34 hp)

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This product is a medical machinery to help the absorption of body fluid or blood and childbirth.

Simple design
– Manufactured into a simple design for efficient use of space in treatment and surgery rooms.
Large capacity safety bottle
– A large capacity (1,000cc) safety bottle is installed to block the entry into the pump of blood or
body fluid overflowing from the absorption container.
Best output at the shortest time
– 50L/min is absorbed that it can reach maximum output at the shortest time.
No need to change oil
– Because it does not use oil, there is no need to replace oil.
Optical plastic manufacturing to prevent damages
– The absorption bottle is made of reinforced plastic (PC) that no damages occur from negligence.
Minimum operation sound
– Customized mothproof spring is applied that the motor operates relatively more quietly than
products of other companies.

. Motor pump absorption amount: 50L/min ±10L/min
. Used absorption amount: 30L/min ~ 50L/min
. Absorption bottle (PC): 3,000cc X 2ea
. Countercurrent prevention: safety bottle (1,000cc)
. Maximum vacuum pressure: 740mmHg ± 10mmHg
. Electric power: AC 220V, 50/60Hz , 250W
. Vacuum pump: oil-less piston type
. Wheels: 2″ rotating wheels X 4ea
* Selective specifications
Safety bottle capacity: 1000cc / 1,600cc / 8,000cc

Company Name: Hansung Medical


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