Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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The Artemis™ Neuro evacuation device is intended for the controlled aspiration of tissue and/or fluid from the Ventricular System and/or Cerebrum. The Artemis Device works in conjunction with a neuroendoscope through a 19 F (6 mm) sheath. Together with Pump MAX™ aspiration system, Artemis offers powerful and controlled evacuation.

Minimally invasive cranial access utilizing a 14 mm burr hole with 19 F sheath
Powerful and controlled aspiration up to -29 inHg (or 98.2 kPa)
Compatible with neuroendoscopes with working channels 1.6 – 2.9 mm
Recessed bident at distal tip maintains cannula patency and aspiration

Company Name: Penumbra

Model: Artemis™

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