Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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60 l/min (15.85 us gal/min)


0.15 kVA (0.2 hp)

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Meet the new generation of Fanem® surgical aspirators: Diapump® Colibri, a versatile, robust equipment developed to meet a wide range of procedures for aspirating secretions and liquid substances with different densities.
It provides mobility, easy handling and allows adequate suction in each type of application by controlling and monitoring suction pressure.
Its use is indicated for diverse application environments, such as surgical and obstetric centers, adult, pediatric and neonatal intensive care units, inpatient units, clinics and outpatient clinics, among others.
Diapump® Colibri. Your best aspiration.

Main features

• Microprocessor control panel, with 8-segment LED display, with high brightness that allows distance viewing, in any environment;
• Audiovisual alarms;
• Oil-free piston motor;
• Waterproof cabinet;
• Adjustable suction / vacuum intensity;
• Outlet protection by high capacity air filter;
• Aspiration flow: 60 LPM;
• Vacuum meter with reading range from 0 to -760 mmHg / 0 to -100 Kpa;
• Maximum range: -90kPa/-675mmHg;
• Operation mode selection key: continuous or intermittent/pedal;
• Triple inlet protection system with electronic level sensor that blocks motor operation, hydrophobic filter and integrated mechanical float, which halt aspiration and prevent overflow should the jar attain full capacity;
• Graduated polycarbonate collection jar;

Company Name: Fanem Ltda

Model: Diapump® Colibri

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