Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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for drainage, for minor surgery

0.18 kVA (0.24 hp)


Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)

Max.: 0.75 bar (10.88 psi)

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The Armoline AL-01 Portable Aspirator is an electrical device designed for medical usageto aspirate body fluids in adults and children. The device, in addition to being utilized to aspirate liquids such as purulence and blood during clinical applications conducted in operating rooms, patient rooms, infirmaries and emergency departments, is also suitable for the usage of patients who suffer from sputum production during home medical care.

2. Structure and Operation Principle of the Device
Does not contaminate the environment with oil mist thanks to the maintenance and lubrication-free air pump thereof.
It has a verylow operation sound and does not create noise in the environment used.
The device has an autoclavable polycarbonate liquid collection jar, plastic jar lid with flood prevention float systemand negative pressure gauge.
The built-in control knob on the front panel allows vacuuming at the required amount.
It suitable for external treatment because it is light and easily carryable.
System Diagram and the easy-to-understand visual of the device are below.

Company Name: Medimport

Model: AL-01

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