Electric Surgical Suction Pump

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for liposuction
on casters

55 ft³/s


980 mbar (14.21 psi)

Number of decibels

39 dB

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With its strong suction capacity and high maximum vacuum, the ATMOS Record 55 is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications in the operating room — whenever extremely quiet suction removal of secretion, blood, and serous fluids is required over long periods of time. Wherever you need a quiet, robust and powerful surgical suction device, the ATMOS Record 55 is the right choice.

Fast vacuum build-up, high vacuum, and high suction capacity guarantee a clear view of the surgical site at all times. With a flow of 55 l/min and a maximum vacuum of −98 kPa, the ATMOS Record 55 is one of the most powerful surgical suction devices on the market.

It runs quiet as a whisper, making work pleasant and allowing you to concentrate on the operation.

Using this surgical suction device is straightforward thanks to its quick and intuitive operation. Its individually adjustable vacuum, clearly visible vacuum gauge, and optimum working height make it easier to use, even in stressful situations.

The ATMOS Record 55 is particularly easy and quick to clean, as additional corners and edges on the housing have been dispensed with in favour of smooth surfaces. The modern secretion canister system and the hydrophobic bacterial and viral filter protect both the staff and the patient.

The ATMOS Direct Docking System (DDS) allows the secretion canister to be attached directly to the ATMOS Record 55 DDS. This eliminates the need for any hose connections between the device, the bacterial and viral filter, and the secretion canister. The ATMOS Record 55 with a standard rail can be flexibly equipped with various disposable canister systems.

Company Name: Atmos Medizintechnik

Model: Record 55

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