Electrosurgical Electrode

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Disposable Electrosurgical pencil is applicable to high frequency surgical devices in surgical operation for cutting or coagulation purpose. Mecun single use Electrosurgical Handle are available in a push button,foot switch or rocker switch configuration. With safety and comfortable design, Mecun electrosurgical pencil has enjoyed high reputation in domestic and abroad. Approved by CE and ISO 13485 certificate .


● Optional length of smoking tube.
● Optional Non-stick Coated Electrode.
● It combines electro coagulation, electro cutting, peeling, scraping and suctioning functions, real-time evacuate smoke during operation.
● The electrode can be retracted, real-time absord liquid and suck waste tissues during operation.

Company Name: Shenzhen Mecun Medical Supply

Model: MD1000-TYE

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