Electrosurgical Electrode

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A device for controlling the amplitude of the shaft of an ultrasonic scalpel. The amplitude is 55.5Khz±2Khz. Convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. It solves the technical problem that the amplitude of the existing ultrasonic scalpel shaft changes with the load and causes low cutting efficiency, and provides an ultrasonic scalpel shaft amplitude control device that can accurately control the constant amplitude vibration of the scalpel.
The handle wire consists of two parts, the handle transducer, and the connecting wire, which are integrated and inseparable.
There is a chip built into the handle to monitor the output state of the energy exchange device, and a counter function, which can automatically display the remaining times for safe use on the power Ultrasonic Generator and reflect the various physical states of the handle with data.
The ultrasonic handpiece is suitable for use with ultrasonic surgical equipment and high-frequency surgical equipment as specified in the GB9706.4-2009 standard.

Transducer plug: PC+20%GF
Net weight: 0.23Kg
Packing box: 16.3cmx16.3cmx4.5cm
Maximum Diameter: 2.5cm
Inner core: 15cm

Company Name: Wuhan Bbt Medical

Model: Grey

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