Electrosurgical Unit Electrode

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for electrosurgical units, surgical
coagulation, for electrosurgical cutting
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  Unipolar electrode is a kind of high frequency surgical equipment operation accessories, used with high frequency surgical equipment, when the incentive, high-frequency output current through unipolar electrode electrode to the surgery patients body and then approved by the neutral electrode of a separate connection or the body of capacitor to return to the high frequency surgical equipment. Unipolar electrode by surgical operation, apply to medical organization for cutting, coagulation in the operation.

  Unipolar electrode is mainly composed of single handle, unipolar cable, unipolar connector (plug) and surgery electrode (electrode). Manual unipolar electrode handle has two control buttons, nearly surgery electrodes buttons for yellow, used to motivate the cutting power, far surgery electrodes buttons for blue, to motivate power of blood coagulation, and near the buttons respectively with cutting (CUT), blood coagulation (‘s COAG) symbol.

  Unipolar electrodes, also known as electric pettifoggery, pettifoggery, handle, single handle, etc.

  Manual unipolar electrodes, also known as the manual pettifoggery, manual handle, etc.

  Foot control unipolar electrodes, pettifoggery, also known as the feet control handle, etc.

  Use, unipolar cable plug is connected to the high frequency surgical equipment unipolar power outlet, so as to make the high frequency surgical equipment to produce high frequency current in unipolar electrode operation electrode (electrode) and a separate neutral electrode flow between or unipolar electrode operation electrode (electrode) and patients of capacitance flow between body, achieve to cut or clotting in the organization.

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