Electrosurgical Unit Neutral Plate

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for electrosurgical units
pediatric, adhesive
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CE,ISO13485, SFDA certificate Approved!
Suitable for different kinds of surgery.
Special adhesive layer proof firm attachment, safe and comfortable
Provide adult, pediatric, and infants series
Monopolar type and Bipolar type
Pre-wired and non-wired both OK.
Disposable Electrosurgical Pad with Cable
( Grounding Pad/Dispersive Electrode/Neutral Pad )
Disposable Electrosurgical Pad, also named ESU Pad, Grounding Pad, Neutral Plate, Patient Plate, and Dispersive Electrode etc., is approved by CE from TUV. We are not only offers basic Electrosurgical Pads of mono-polar and bipolar (solid and split foil) in upright and horizontal design fit for adult.

Company Name: Zhejiang Jinhua Huatong Medical Appliance

Model: HT-PA1-WV

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