Electrosurgical Unit With Touchscreen

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cutting, coagulation
Medical procedure
laparoscopic surgery
radiofrequency, high-frequency
with touchscreen
Cutting power

350 W

Coagulating power

150 W


333 kHz

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This HF unit system automatically adapts to the user’s needs.
Ackermann wanted to create a HF unit that does not requires complicated set-up prior to surgery and is ready for operation directly after the instrument is connected.

Due to the huge possibilities of this unit line, the user needs less control of the power settings. The system can be used for cutting and coagulation in all surgical procedures. It is intended for both open and laparoscopic surgery, as well as endoscopic procedures and enables work in a fluid environment, for mono- and bipolar TUR electroresection.

Depending on the version, it can be equipped with argon module, allowing to perform argonenhanced cutting and coagulation treatments during open surgery, laparoscopic procedures. It can also have an integrated VesSeal mode for sealing large blood vessels.

Due to this product innovation we would like to achieve an effective and result orientated performance.

► Electrode handles
► Argon electrode handles
► Monopolar cables
► Bipolar cables
► Bipolar laparoscopic instrumentation
► Further accessories

► 10″ high resolution color screen
► Up to 100 memory settings
► Real-time monitoring of output parameters
► New operation modes
► Power monitor
► Automatic power regulation
► Multiple language versions
► Voice communication possibility
► Overload protection
► SDS output/ Monopolar output/ SDS output/ Bipolar output

Company Name: Ackermann Instrumente

Model: 16-2000-700

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