Endodontic Micromotor Control Unit

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Application domain
electric, with rechargeable battery
Options and accessories
with apex locator, rechargeable

Min.: 200 rpm (1,256.6 rad.min-1)

Max.: 9,500 rpm (59,690.3 rad.min-1)

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Endodontic motor for working with self-adjusting files (SAF) with simultaneous irrigation and Rotary NiTi-files.
EndoStation-mini is a unique system of endodontic treatment that combines a digital electric micromotor and a peristaltic pump for irrigation.
EndoStation-mini can be operated with files of the following types:

— SAF, as a plus these instruments can be also coupled with the function of simultaneous irrigation of a tooth root canal, and
— practically with all standard rotary Ni-Ti files, providing the control of a file speed and torque.
This enriched functionality is gained by means of two micromotor headpieces used as replaceable tips: «SAF SYSTEM» and «ROTARY».

SAF mode:
— 3 adjustable programs (SAF1-SAF3);
— Speed regulation of File Rotation from 3000 to 9500 rpm;
— Speed regulation of an irrigated Solution from 0 to 9 ml/min ;
— Digital timer with minutely sound indication;
— The «Rinse» function.

ROTARY mode:
— 9 adjustable programs (ROTARY1-ROTARY9);
— Speed regulation of file rotation from 200 to 1000 rpm;
— Regulation of max. Torque within the limits of 0,5 — 5,0 Ncm;
— The choice between 3 different conditions of «Auto-reverse» against the max. torque result: HLT (halt) – «Halted» auto-reverse («OFF»), STD — «Standard» auto-reverse (the Rotary movement is reverse), SPC- «Special» autoreverse;
— Sound indication of 75% volume of the preset Torque value;
— The option of operative connection with an external Apex-locator

Unique cable ZipperLine fits for the placement of an irrigation pipe just inside the micromotor cable to produce a single cable unit, that facilitates conveniently the Device use in operation.

Company Name: Jsc Geosoft Dent


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