Endodontic Micromotor Control Unit

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100 rpm (628.3 rad.min-1)

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The iOptima reaches new altitudes in practice productivity by seamlessly integrating performance enhancing technologies into an uncomplicated experience. Equipped with Bien-Air’s best-selling brushless micromotors and more innovations than any other retro-fit systems in its class, the iOptima effortlessly takes the pole position for the future of electric power dentistry. See what it’s like to operate at the next level.
* 2-year standard warranty and 1-year optional warranty available through Bien-Air’s PlanCare extended warranty program.

For all your restorative and endodontic procedures, the iOptima application now offers numerous preprogrammed and customizable options. Quick, efficient and risk-free.

High Resolution 24” LCD Chart This high resolution (1,920×1,080 pixels) 24” Color TFT-LCD with polarized panel supports more precise visual acuity testing. The white background with a brightness of 300cd/m2 will help carry out even more precise and efficient visual acuity testing. Polarized Charts and Stereoscopic Vision Test Several types of visual acuity and function tests are provided including the binocular balance test, stereoscopic vision test and heterophoria / heterotropia tests by the use of this state of the art technology with the polarized LCD panel. Comprehensive Test Range High resolution LCD allows you to see the smallest size charts and optotypes without distortion and provides a comprehensive test range with the visual acuity charts. Selectable Working Distance Working distance can be adjusted according to the testing environment at the user’s convenience.

Company Name: Bien Air Dental

Model: iOptima

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