Endodontic Micromotor Control Unit

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Application domain
for endodontics
with rechargeable battery
Options and accessories
complete set, rechargeable

Min.: 120 rpm (754 rad.min-1)

Max.: 800 rpm (5,026.5 rad.min-1)

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Compact and portable, the X-Smart Endodontic Rotary Motor operates on either battery or electrical power with a battery-use time of approximately two hours per five-hour charge. The easy-to-use motor features nine adjustable program selections and a speed range of 120 to 800 RPM and torque from 0.6 to 5.2 Ncm with the supplied 16:1 compact contra angle. * Not compatible with WaveOne reciprocating files.

Company Name: Dentsply Maillefer

Model: X-SMART®

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