Endoscopic Forceps

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surgery, endoscopic
grasping, tissue, coagulation
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9 cm, 10 cm, 14 cm, 18 cm (3.5 in)

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With their slender shaft and handle, Calvian endo-pen® bipolar forceps improve the maneuverability of the endoscope. Hence, the instruments offer an ideal solution for bipolar coagulation, for example in endonasal and transnasal endoscopic surgery.

The forceps-like handle enables surgeons to work with these instruments just as with their usual micro instruments – no assembly, no loose parts. The tips of the Calvian endo-pen® bipolar forceps allow not only precise coagulation, but also grasping and manipulating of tissue.

Our new Calvian endo-pen® non-stick bipolar forceps combine the benefits of the Calvian endo-pen® bipolar forceps with our SuperGliss® non-stick technology. A specially developed material prevents overheating of the tips during coagulation. Laboratory test confirm the non-stick properties of the instrument.*

Product Range
Sutter offers a wide range of Calvian endo-pen® bipolar forceps, for instance, the instrument is now available in the non-stick version. In our product catalog you can find instruments in different lengths and angles (15°, 45° and 70°), as well as tip sizes between 0.7 mm and 2.5 mm. There are two versions of the Calvian endo-pen® bipolar forceps offering horizontal and vertical movement.

Company Name: Sutter Medizintechnik

Model: Calvian endo-pen®

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