Ent Forceps

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ENT, surgical

65 mm (2.6 in)

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Single-use, sterile, disposable ear pick tips for delicate procedures
Molded adaptor fits into most myringotomy blade handles
Malleable shaft bends to surgeon’s preference
Available in straight, 45 and 90 degree angles
Developed in cooperation with Dr. Jay Farrior, the affordable, single-use MicroPick™ Ear Pick Tips feature three tip designs to ensure a new, precise tip for every procedure. The malleable shaft enables positioning in a nearly infinite number of angles to be fine tuned for surgical requirements. Each MicroPick Ear Pick Tip features a molded adaptor that can be threaded into Summit Medical’s Stainless Steel handle or most commonly used flat ‘Beaver-style’ myringotomy blade handles found on the market.

Company Name: Summit Medical Usa

Model: MicroPick™

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