Ent Surgery Electrode

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ENT surgery
coagulation, ablation, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy
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The PROCISE◊ MAX COBLATION◊ Wand is designed for surgeons who prefer rapid tissue removal for Adenoidectomy and Tonsillectomy procedures while maintaining the hemostatic and minimal thermal effect benefits of COBLATION technology. With integrated suction, ablation, and coagulation features this single-use device is an all-in-one instrument designed to help decrease surgical time.

Features of the PROCISE MAX COBLATION Wand include:
Advanced flat-screen active electrode configuration
Rapid tissue ablation (>20% faster ablation compared to EVAC◊ 70 XTRA COBLATION Wand) and coagulation during ENT surgical procedures*

Low-profile malleable Wand shaft
Increased surgical field visualization
Maleable to accommodate variable patient anatomy

Unique integrated saline irrigation
Optimum saline delivery to active electrodes regardless of Wand orientation
*Based on internal testing. Data on file.

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