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ENT surgery, gynecological surgery, dermatology, dental surgery
Amplifying medium
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The Opal laser family gives many advantages like the well knownCO2 laser at laser surgery for the user. The surgery interventions can do high preciseness using the accessories at free-hand surgery and microscopic and endoscopic surgery.

The Opal CO2 laser can operate in continuous, impulse and superpulse mode. The appropriate parameters in these operating modes can adjust easy for the different type of tissues.

With the variant power laser unit of the Opal laser family can defer to the different needs. Because of the variant power level unit of the Opal laser family can apply in the one day surgery and in the hospital and clinical practice as well.

The application fields of the Opal laser family are:

Plastic and reconstructive surgery
General surgery
Oral surgery
The users can apply wide selection of the accessories to the operation. Many different handpieces and tips can use for free-hand suegery. The surgeon can use the Truescan scanner as a traditional or frctional scanner application. The Truescan scanner can be attach to the micromanipulator so the surgeon carries the operation out with high preciseness under microscope.

The service needs of the Opal laser family is economy because of the modular construction and high quality subsystem parts.

Company Name: Lasram Laser

Model: OPAL 10/25

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