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ENT surgery
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CO2 Laser for ENT Surgical equipment with micromanipulator

CL40A ENT scanning graphic laser microsurgical system to meet the fine microsurgery, CO2 laser medical equipment is connected microscope by the laser micromanipulator, as the surgery itself with preset graphics, so called “scanning graphic laser microsurgical system”.CL40A ENT scanning graphic laser microsurgical system has two operating modes: basic CO2 laser mode and scanning graphic CO2 laser mode.
Production specification:
CL40A adaptation symptoms
Throat surgery tumors, polyps, vocal nodules, disease of the mouth, tonsils, snoring
Ear Surgery tympanic membrane perforation, cut, stapes pore, resection, external auditory canal tumors, etc.
Nose inferior turbinate hypertrophy, nasal polyps, nasal and sinus tumors, nasal hemangioma, choanal atresia
CL40 scanning laser microsurgery system clinic advantages:
Less damage, not needing the neck incision and trachea incision;
Less bleeding, non-contact treatment;
Good functional preservation, fast healing, little scar, less infection;
Short operation time, little pain, short hospitalization time.
Clear operation field, simple operation and safety.
CL40 scanning graphic laser microsurgery system functions:
can scan automatically according to setting graphics (Gasification, burning, cutting) ;Six kinds of coping graphics operation interface:1 Rectangle, 2 circle, 3 curves, 4 oval or round,5 straight line, 6 ring.

Company Name: Sunny Optoelectronic Technology

Model: CL40A

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