Ent Surgery Laser

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ENT surgery, gynecological surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, phlebology
Amplifying medium

Max.: 1,470 nm

Min.: 980 nm


10 W, 12 W


900 g (31.75 oz)

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The success of biolitec®’s LEONARDO® Dual laser was the motivation to create
the LEONARDO® family of lasers and to develop our LEONARDO® Mini. The proven
reliability of our diode laser systems inspired the introduction of a versatile and small
platform for a wide range of in-office applications.
The biolitec® LEONARDO® Mini laser is designed to work in perfect combination with
a broad spectrum of special medical fibers and application kits developed by biolitec®
and its companies. biolitec® is one of the world’s most technologically advanced
suppliers of fiberoptic products. The biolitec® treatment methods are routinely
performed and validated in highly respected medical centers worldwide and are the
number one choice for treating a wide variety of medical conditions.


Simple but versatile
Broad spectrum of minimally invasive therapeutic
laser applications

Low maintenance and reliable laser diodes
Multidisciplinary use
Small footprint

Handy & mobile
Fast set-up
Clear and intuitive user interface
Flexibility due to optional
battery-powered application

LEONARDO® Mini is the new vehicle for state-of-the-art fiber optics energy delivery.

Our safety concept of the fibers combines easy plug-in into the laser as well as an electronic signature for increased patient safety. It prevents usage beyond the product’s lifetime and hazards caused by inserting unsuitable fibers to the laser.

Company Name: Biolitec

Model: LEONARDO® Mini

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