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Used for an episiotomy – a vaginal-perineal cut. Braun-Stadtler or Waldmann with micro-serration.

The upper cutting edge of the scissors is very finely serrated, to prevent the clippers from slipping or sliding. The lower cutting edge is razor sharp – this results in light and sharp cutting ability. Hard materials should not be cut with the Episiotomy Scissors, to avoid damage to the cutting edge.

Further Information
The purpose of an episiotomy is to prevent a tear or hyperextension of the female perineum and to reduce pressure on the child’s head e. g. with premature delivery.

The procedure is performed when the mother’s perineal muscles are excessively rigid, the baby’s head is very large or birth has to be accelerated.

There are different incision techniques, depending on the indication. The incisions are about 2 – 4 cm long and are sutured after delivery, under local anaesthetic.

Surgical steel with carbide.

Company Name: Medesign

Model: MED1000623

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