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ergonomic handle
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(Ultra-high rust-proof stainless steel AA)
(hardened HRC54 ° ± 2 ° Section)

Ultra-high anti-rust & high wear-resistant , high hardness, high impact, high toughness stainless steel, with excellent anti-rust capability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance (high hardness) performance and ideal impact resistance.. Its excellent corrosion resistance is comparable to TYPE 304 Stainless steel; and its rust resistance is closer to alloy for surgical implant. Unmarked, with 5% Neutral salt spray test (ASTM B117), it doesn’t rust after 1000 hours. Wide range of applications, quite good and stable quality, which can be used to produce extremely complex, high-precision shank shapes and profile ultra-sharp edge structures.

Applied for high-end medical standard: AMS 5936 . MMPDS-01 .
ASTM A693 . ASTM A564 . ASTM F899-12

The Vitro (cytotoxicity) test verifies that the material does not have any potential cytotoxicity and therefore can safely contact human tissue, body fluids or blood, and meets all relevant allergy and skin irritation test standards.

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