Guided Surgery Drill Bit

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ACT® Non-Irrigated Reusable Twist Drills
Advanced Cutting Technology® (ACT) Drills

• Two-flute design for efficient cutting
• Alternating lines and bands enhance depth mark visibility and drill orientation in the osteotomy
• Matte finish to reduce glare
The recommended drill speed for twist drills 3.85 mm diameter or smaller is 1200 – 1500 rpm.
The recommended drill speed for twist drills 4.25 mm diameter or larger is 900 rpm.
The recommended drill speed for shaping drills is 1200 – 1500 rpm.
The shaping drills must be used without pumping actions.
The recommended implant placement speed is 15 – 20 rpm.
Do not initiate implant placement with the hand ratchet as hand torquing could result in off-angle placement of the implant.
Use the drill motor handpiece to start implant placement to ensure the implant tracks / goes into the osteotomy in the same direction as drilled.
Verify that the drill is engaged/retained within the locking mechanism of the drill motor handpiece, in order to prevent accidental swallowing or aspiration of the drill.
When insertion torque exceeds 50 Ncm, hand ratcheting is necessary in order to fully seat the implant. It is recommended that reusable drills be replaced after 15 uses.
It is recommended that manual platform switching be used to maximize crestal bone preservation. Tapping with a dense bone tap is required in dense bone (Type 1).
Important Note:
Exceeding insertion torque of more than 90 Ncm may deform or strip the implant placement mount or the implant’s external hex and may possibly delay the surgical procedure.

Company Name: Zimmer Dental

Model: Navigator®

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