Gynecological Forceps

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gynecological, surgical, laparoscopic, urological
toothed, articulated
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Robotic Emulator Laparoscopic Maryland dissector of only 5mm incisive diameter, with the exclusive novelty of articulated incisal head with 360 degrees of rotation, the articulated head emulating the robotic movements, is a great convenience and unavailable in the market today in such diameter, robot like movements with smaller incision will reduce the negative impact of the intervention and the procedure can be done with 3 instead of 4 incisions as the different angulation is generated by the same instrument.

This is a technological improvement, a way to circumvent expensive robotic solutions and a roadmap towards new advances in the surgical sector. RE Maryland meets the needs of the surgeons by providing an innovative tool that significantly increases the access to difficult areas, increasing the possibilities of work within the human body.

Company Name: Imm Innovative Medical Mannheim

Model: RE

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