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Askins Modified Cobra Retractor with Suction Tube
Allows an assistant to hold the retractor and operate two instruments: the retractor for visualization of the acetabulum as well as the suction tip for suction of smoke and debris from the wound and the acetabulum

Designed for use as a posterior inferior or anterior inferior retractor during minimally invasive hip procedures, the retractor features a suction tube located on the anterior portion of the retractor. The suction tube includes two additional holes along the shaft for suction of smoke out of the wound, while the distal tip allows for removal of blood and debris from the acetabulum.
Product No: 3408
Overall Length: 11.5″
Handle Length: 7″
Blade Width at Widest: 46mm

Replacement Part:
3408-01 [Cleaning Probe Only]

Company Name: Innomed

Model: 3408

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