Hook Micro Forceps

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robot-assisted surgery, for mini-invasive surgery
suture, dissection
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Dex Surgical is a French manufacturer of Robotized Instruments dedicated in laparoscopic surgeries.
Dex Surgical’s aim is to make laparoscopic surgery safer and easier emphasizing patient outcomes.
Dex will modernize the way to perform delicate and challenging minimal invasive procedures.
Suture, cut and dissect and with the DEX, the agile robot designed for a precise, and safe minimal invasive surgery, while reducing surgeon discomfort and fatigue.
Minimal invasive surgery :
* Precise, safe, while reducing surgeon discomfort and fatigue
* Seven degrees of freedom for enhanced dexterity
* Unlimited rotation of the tip for enhanced efficiency
* Hand held for haptic feedback
* Ergonomic handle for perfect stability
* Decrease mental & physical stress

Company Name: Lamidey Noury Medical

Model: Dex Surgical

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