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Combining comfort with secretion management

Bivona® Inner cannulae help to maintain hygiene of the airway and reduce the risk of a tracheostomy tube blockage. Maintaining hygiene and management of secretions can become difficult without an inner cannula as the removal and changing of the tracheostomy tube may be uncomfortable and traumatic for the patient.

Portex® Bivona® inner cannula are available in sizes 7.0mm to 9.0mm for use with the Bivona® Tight-to-Shaft cuff, Mid-Range Aire-Cuf® and uncuffed tracheostomy tubes.

The inner cannula is single patient use and can be cleaned up to 400 times during its 29 day use
DEHP free material for patient safety
Fully flexible and manufactured from PTFE to minimise secretion adherence
Integral 15mm connector on the tube, not the inner cannula
Product Benefits
The Portex® Bivona® inner cannula system combines the benefits of using an adult Bivona® silicone tracheostomy tube with an inner cannula that maintains the integrity of the tubes flexibility.

Reduces the risk of incorrect use with the corresponding tracheostomy tube size clearly embossed on the shaft of the inner cannula, allowing you to select the correct size for use.
The inner cannula can be easily removed and cleaned if a tube blockage occurs avoiding the discomfort and trauma that may be caused by a complete tube change.
The grey ring pull on the inner cannula tip enables identification and eases the insertion and removal from the tracheostomy tube.
The Bivona® tracheostomy tube has the 15mm connector on the tube, not the inner cannula, which aids in connection to anaesthetic and ventilator breathing circuits.

Company Name: Smiths Medical Surgivet

Model: Bivona®

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