Intra Uterine Insemination Cannula

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Medical procedure
intra-uterine insemination
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EMBRIOMED – Catheter for Embryo Transfer and intrauterine insemination through permeable cervix uteri. Double catheter of inert plastic material, 17,5 cm. long with a tapered flexible distal segment, inner diameter: 1,0 mm.; outer diameter: 1,5 mm and 4,5 cm. in length, with syringe connector and two depth markings at 5,5 and 6,5 cm. from its distal tip. Opening on distal tip. Uses include Embryo transfer through normally accessible cervical canals, Intrauterine or intracervical artificial insemination, and Only for use in patients with permeable cervical channel.

Company Name: Medical Engineering Corporation


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