Intubation Cannula

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Medical procedure
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By using the latest manufacturing technology we have produced the first major breakthrough in Guedel airway design for thirty years. Combining two materials with very different physical characteristics into one moulding, our One-Piece design eliminates the separate bite block found in all conventional Guedel airways.

Loose or detached bite blocks constitute a real threat to patient safety and have been the subject of several hazard notices in the past. Our One-piece design overcomes all of the associated risks.

As well as improved safety, the One-piece also incorporates a soft tip reducing the risk of trauma to the patient.

Our one-piece Guedel range is also fully compliant to the colour coding guidance outlined in ISO 5364:2016.

• ISO Size 3.5: Changed from Pink to Light Green
• ISO Size 6.5: Changed from White to Brown
• ISO Size 7.0: Changed from Yellow to White
• ISO Size 9.0: Changed from Orange to Yellow

We also offer the One-piece as a sterile option, providing you with a further choice.

Company Name: Intersurgical

Model: 1115120

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