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The Fluido Irrigation URO Spike Set is available for post-operative irrigation in combination with the URO Patient Line.

Close all clamps
Disconnect the URO Patient Line and the URO Spike Set from the URO Set
Connect the URO Spike Set to the URO Patient Line
Remove the URO Patient Line from the working element & connect to urinary catheter
Open the clamps to start post-operative irrigation

URO Sets –
Fluido Irrigation URO Patient Line – Art. No. 680801-B
Fluido Irrigation URO Spike Set – Art. No. 680803-B
Fluido Irrigation URO Female Cap – Art. No. 680804
Fluido Irrigation URO Set (complete containing the above) – Art. No. 670800-B

Inadequately warmed fluids can exacerbate drops in
the patient temperature. Hypothermia can be reduced
by ­warming irrigation fluids. The Fluido®
Fluid Warmer can ­deliver large volumes of normothermic
i ­rrigation fluids at optimum flow rates. It is suitable for all
irrigation applications, from Urology to Gynaecology and
Orthopaedics. When using high flow irrigation fluids,
normothermic fluid temperatur ­
e is also guaranteed.
Set up is easy and the system does not require any
changes in surgical technique. The temperature can
be adjusted to your surgical needs, from 30°C up to
39°C. It guarantees the set fluid temperature adminis-
tered to the patient. A stable core body ­temperature
is essential to your patients. It reduces bleeding and
will speed up recovery time1

Company Name: Surgical Company International

Model: URO Spike Set

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