Irrigation Cannula

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Medical procedure
irrigation, suction, laparoscopic
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Ergonomic Hand-held valve or Trumpet valve ensures surgeon comfort and control.
Proximal irrigation button allows simple, safe tissue/clot/stones flushing.
Versatile with 2, 3, 5 & 10 mm probe and easy probe exchange.
High smooth flow and clog-free Valve.
Distal tip shaft holes prevent tissue damage due to inadvertent aspiration.
Matt shaft eliminates operative glare.
Light weight and leak free.
Fluid and gas tight proximal seal facilitates the incorporation of 5 mm or less instruments / laser fibres through the hand-piece for a range of surgical applications.
Re-usable stainless shaft for aspiration of larger tissue/clots/stones.
Economy, Safety, Stability and Reliability

Company Name: Metromed Healthcare

Model: SI01-c

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