Iud Insertion Cannula

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Medical procedure
IUD insertion
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This model is an improved rebuilt of the former, no more available “GyneT” with a new technology for quick and safe loading of the IUD.
The classic T-shaped IUD is the most common used IUD-model in the world, recommended even by the WHO. With a copper surface of 380 mm² it shows the lowest pearl index among all copper IUDs.

Mona Lisa CuT 380A QL convinces through secure fit in the uterus and in consequence low expulsion rate because of optimal memory test results.

Before insertion, the IUD has to be preloaded by using the plunger. Due to the development of the insertion body, loading of the IUD is possible in seconds.

Unique features:

The Mona Lisa CuT 380A has a copper surface of 380 mm² and guarantees safe contraception up to 10 years (recommendation of the WHO)
The copper sleeves are completely embedded in the horizontal arms. This results in a very smooth and plane surface
The longer insertion tube of the Mona Lisa CuT380A QL improves positioning of the IUD with patients with a longer uterine cavity
Effortless and quick loading of the IUD because of the new insertion body

Company Name: Mona Lisa

Model: CuT 380A QL

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