Laparoscopic Forceps

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dissection, grasping, coagulation
with rotary handle
Other characteristics
with irrigation

33 cm, 45 cm (13 in)

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Precision in dissection, cutting, grasping, coagulation and suction/irrigation.

The Femcare® Laparoscopic Instrument range has been designed for single patient use and is suitable for all routine laparoscopic procedures requiring dissection, cutting, grasping and coagulation.

Laparoscopic Instruments

• The instruments are robust to facilitate prolonged use whilst the delicate tips enable fine dissection.
• 360° rotational knob to aid maneuverability during surgery.
• The monopolar electrosurgery post allows connection to a standard electrosurgery cable.
• The 5mm diameter shaft, including the hinge mechanism, is fully insulated.
• Ratchet for secure controlled grasping
• Available in 6 tip configurations.

Laparoscopic Probes

• Monopolar connection.
• Ergonomic handle design.
• Fully insulated shaft all the way down to the tip.
• Three tip designs: L Hook, J Hook, and Spatula.

Company Name: Femcare Nikomed


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