Laparoscopic Forceps

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Instruments allow more freedom of movement for the surgeon
Can be fully disassembled for quick, thorough cleaning
Combine with various disposable and reusable tips for cutting, grasping, dissecting and holding tissue

Save on costs. Save on cleaning time. Save your back!!
Reusable handles with or without ratchet mechanism and integrated, manually-operated cautery function

About the system
– EasyInstrument – Reusable laparoscopic instrument
– EasyInstrument Ratchet – Reusable laparoscopic instrument with ratchet function
– EasyAct – Reusable laparoscopic instrument with integrated, finger-operated cautery function
(Activate high-frequency current by simply pressing the trigger on the instrument’s handle)

– All handles are fully interchangeable with all shafts (diameter / length)
– With handle inserts (Soft Inserts) for adjusting the hand size

Company Name: Ami Agency Medical Innovations

Model: EasyInstrument

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