Laparoscopic Forceps

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for electrosurgical cutting

240 mm, 320 mm, 450 mm (9.4 in)

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A fresh single-use insert with each operation. The disposable scissor delivers high precision cutting every time, exceeding international standards for sharpness.

Accompanied by a range of ergonomic reusable handles this Resposable™ system delivers the comfort of a high quality reusable instrument and the clinical benefits of a disposable.

The Logic range of handles connect across all Logi disposable inserts:
LogiFlex™ Gastric Band Retriever
Logic ‘take-apart’ 5mm Laparoscopic Instruments

Logi technology is designed, developed and manufactured in the UK allowing Surgical Innovations to deliver cost effective instruments with optimum performance.

Surgical Innovations support the reduction of waste and are proud to have developed another solution that reduces waste volumes and lowers costs.

The system is partly reusable with a small disposable component. Resposable™ instruments are a fraction of the volume and 66% less in weight* than fully disposable alternatives, reducing the cost and environmental impact of plastic clinical waste. The reusable component is compatible with standard cleaning and sterilisation systems.

Company Name: Surgical Innovations

Model: LogiCut™

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