Laparoscopic Forceps

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grasping, dissecting, coagulation
monopolar, atraumatic

33 cm (13 in)

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The EVOREACH range of single patient use endoscopic
instruments are intended to provide consistent and precise
performance that assures the surgeon of safety and reliability.
All instruments are 5mm in diameter, have rotating 33cm
insulated shafts, all include a mono polar electrocautery feature
that meets most of the needs of the endoscopic surgeon. All
graspers have a lockable ratchet with quick release feature.
Design focus is on the ergonomic design of the handles to
minimise operator hand fatigue and the working actuator jaws
that are designed based on traditional reusable instrument
technology, with maximum function as required, that is,
precision jaw alignment and cutting (sharp to the blade tip),
dissecting and grasping.

Ergonomic handle
Wide jaw opening of 600
Fully insulated shaft
3600 Finger wheel rotation
Angled electosurgery terminal post
Ratchet trigger on graspers
Uses mono polar electricity

Easier surgeon handling and surgeon comfort
Larger tissue bites Improved manipulation of tissue
Eliminates stray electrical current
Improves access to target tissue and precise jaw
Removes cables away from surgical field
Easy locking and releasing of tissue grasping
Coagulation option through every instrument

Reduces hand fatigue
More efficient tissue handling and procedure
Improves safety to surgeon and patients
Ease of handling and reduce hand fatigue
Provides unobstructed surgical field and
Can engage or disengage ratchet
Additional operating efficiency

Atraumatic Fenestrated Grasper
(Short), lockable with ratchet

Company Name: Evomed Group

Model: AG-05

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