Laparoscopic Forceps

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dissection, grasping, for electrosurgical cutting
Maryland, monopolar
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Our range of lightweight, disposable, mono-polar 3mm laparoscopic instruments is our newest product on the market and consists of Maryland dissector, atraumatic fenestrated grasper (with ratchet) and Metzenbaum (curved) scissors.

These instruments are now available in 3 mm for minimally invasive surgery.

The complete range of lightweight disposable mono-polar laparoscopic graspers, dissectors and scissors are designed to fulfill all the crucial requirements of endosurgeons.
The sharp cutting edges of the scissors facilitate comfort cutting. Dissectors are available with the most popular Maryland tip. Graspers are equipped with a switchable ratcheting handle with easy access to the ratchet trigger. The trigger location and operation does not collide with the surgeon’s fingers during his work. The most common instrument’s tips with consistent and precise performance facilitate any type of surgical procedure on any tissue. Color coding expedites the identification of the instruments in the dim light of the video-surgery operating room. The ergonomic and lightweight handle, with comfortable access to the rotating knob, protects the user from fatigue, even after an extended operation time. The wide-jaw opening is achieved by the double-hinge design. Its high-quality insulation guarantees protection against burns. The standard 4mm mono-polar connector is compatible with the majority of HF-cables on the market.

Our products offer:

– ergonomic handle
– easy ratchet trigger
– comfortable access to to rotating knob
– wide jaws opening
– reliable insulation for increase safety
– consistent and precise performance

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